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TESO and Chrome
We have finished adapting TESO to the new web browser Google Chrome. Please report us any bugs, thanks.

TESO Starts!
At last we managed to offer TESO in English. Log in at www.tesoweb.com. Hope you enjoy it.

TESO is a powerful freeware tool to let you take control of your money and your investment portfolio, both at home and at your business. Its main features are:

Privacy and confidentiality. TESO will not store any personal data nor will we ask for such information when registering. Keep private your access key and no one will be able to link you with the data stored in TESO.

Bank reconciliation. It is possible to upload your bank statements to TESO to compare (reconcile) them with your own accounting.

Investment portfolio. TESO will update the quotation of more than 1000 American and European stocks, value your portfolio and compute the realized and unrealized capital gains. You may manage your portfolio without the need to keep a full accountancy of your assets.

Multi-currency. TESO will handle amounts in several currencies, consolidate your accounts and your multinational investment portfolio.

Forecasting. Prevent short accounts. TESO will keep track of your recurrent receipts and disbursements, the credit card charges, etc, keeping you aware of the shortages foreseen for the next week.

If this is the first time you visit us, take a look to the page A Walk Through TESO. If you need more information, do not hesitate to Contact us.

To use TESO you have to Register to obtain an username.

Help us!

You may help us to translate TESO to other languages, make suggestions or add more functions (if you have computing skills).You may as well help us to keep the service making a PayPal or credit card donation.


TESO uses third-parties free software. Special thanks to W.M. Worsfold for the share prices web service at www.sharepricewebservice.co.uk. Mark James is the author of the icons at www.famfamfam.com, and Google made the charts API and the advertising.